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*1961 in Le Locle, Switzerland, lives and works in Zurich
After finishing his studies at the School for Graphic Design in Lausanne in 1982, he went to Paris, and from there to Milan. In 1985, encouraged by Anna Piaggi, he produced his first fashion illustrations for Vanity, which brought him instant recognition. His work soon started appearing in La Mode en Peinture, Per Lui, The New Yorker, Vogue Italia, Interview, Visionaire, The New York Times Magazine, Purple, Dazzed and Confused etc.François Berthoud is now recognized as the most original fashion artist of his period. More and more avant-garde fashion designers ask him to create their corporate images. Anna Piaggi has written about him : “While François illustrates fashion in an apparently formal and decorative way, in reality he analyzes his subject in depth and with an elegant sense of detachment before recreating it in his atelier-laboratory…. he experiences fashion with a sharp sense of irony and a visual culture rooted in conceptual art. But his style is totally now!”.
In 2011, he had his first comprehensive exhibition in the Museum für Gestaltung in Zurich, Switzerland.